The Flight Feed Is Live!

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The SFS is up and streaming at Mashed08!  Watch us assemble like monkeys!


Core Avionics Code Completed

In the words of our Avionics Expert Alistair MacDonald:

Some good news. I have just finished the code that actually moves the aircraft, and that was the complicated mathematical bit.

Obviously there is more work to be done, but we will be flying come the weekend! Being social means we need to tell you many things, the primary one being where the aircraft is via a web service. Hopefully other people will be able to take that web service and provide us with lots of extra things around the flight with the power of the web.

Wiring Up The Controls and the Avionics

One of the challenges we have is putting flight controls into the simulator, and then interfacing them into our avionics computer in a reliable manner. The key to this is the Ipac circuit board. Normally used in the construction of arcade cabinets and home made consoles, this will take the input from a bundle of micro-switched keys and devices, and translate them to appear as if they were coming from a USB keyboard. Of course it means we’ll be flying digitally, but it’s a small sacrifice for reliability and ease of installation.

Ipac 28 PCB